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Our store TheSovietWorld exists on a market space over the 6 years and we have an honor to say that we have over 5000 happy buyers worldwide. We are working hard to suggest to our buyers the best of the antique, rare and the highest quality products which we are getting from the old USSR stocks. Everything you can see at thesovietworld.com is something unique made in USSR and has a great military quality. Old stuff means reliable stuff in our experience.We carefully check all the items we are sending to make sure that all our buyers will get high quality items in the best condition. We are happy to suggest different kinds of headgear like Visor Hats, Ushanka Hats, Afghanka Caps and Panamas, Pilotka Hats and Berets, winter and summer Uniforms for the Soldiers and Officers of the USSR Army, military leather Boots, Belts, Bags, different Badges, medals and Awards, Bronze Busts and Commander Watches as a great souvenirs. We are doing our best to make customer service as high as possible in a hope that each of our buyers will be happy when the box opens with the goods from our store. Thank you for choosing thesovietworld.com

The Soviet World - Russian Uniform, Hats, Army Badges, surplus, Tactical Camouflages, Boots, suits

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